Password Content

Passwords needs to contain:
  • minimum 8 characters
  • maximum 50 characters
  • 1 uppercase
  • 1 lowercase
  • 1 digit
Password will expire after 180 days after which time you will need to change to a new password.
  • To change your password click the link "Change Password" on the login Screen.
  • To request a new password click the link "Forgotten Password" on the login Screen.


Enter static pin code + SecurID token code


If you are experiencing difficulties logging into CENTRIC, we suggest closing all browsers and opening a new one or alternatively, deleting your cookies and history from your browser:

Try deleting your cookies and history from your browser:

  • Click Tools->Internet Options
  • On the General Tab->Temporary Internet Files
  • Click delete Cookies and OK.

If you continue to experience issues, please click on the link below to perform a health check of your system. The results can be sent to our support team for further analysis.

CENTRIC Health Check

Connexis Cash FAQ


  • Change your (initial) Login password for one of your own choice immediately upon first login
  • Your User ID and password must remain confidential
  • The auto-complete function on your browser should be disabled to avoid the automatic completion of your ID by the browser when you type in User ID In Internet Explorer browser, the AutoComplete feature saves previous entries you have made for Web addresses, forms, and passwords. Then, when you type information in one of these fields, AutoComplete suggests possible matches.
    To turn Auto-complete on or off in MS Internet Explorer browser:
    • Click the Tools menu -> Internet Options
    • Click the Content tab
    • Click the Auto-complete button
    • Then disable the "User names and passwords on forms"

Follow these tips when creating your own password:

  • Select a password that cannot be easily guessed by anyone else. Do not associate your password with anything personal such as birthdays, names, phone numbers or other familiar words. Do not use part of your User ID as the password
  • Create a password with a combination of letters and numbers, use upper and lower case
  • Memorize your password. Never write it down or reveal it to anyone. If you cannot remember the password, you should disguise the password and keep it in a safe place separate from your computer and account details of your bank or credit cards
  • Remember no one should ever ask you for your password
  • Change your password on a regular basis - e.g. every 30 days
  • You can clear the cache and history from you Web browser. This feature is accessible from Internet Explorer’s tools menu
  • Install virus detection software on your computer. This needs to be updated regularly to ensure that you have the latest protection
  • To prevent viruses or other unwanted problems, do not open attachments from unknown or untrustworthy sources. Do not install pirated software
  • Know everyone who uses your computer and limit unauthorized access
  • Do not conduct any banking transactions in a public place (i.e. cyber cafe), as it is difficult to ensure such PCs are free of hacker programs (someone might be able to access your personal/account information)
  • Verify that the Internet address is the genuine Web site by double clicking the "lock" icon at the bottom bar of the screen to check the validity of the security certificate
  • Always remember to log off when you have completed your banking activities.